One year ago today I held my breath went live on this website and my little shop. WHAT. I can't believe it. I am so grateful for my husband, family, and friends that rallied around me and finally gave me the courage to hit that publish button. 

Here are a couple of things I learned:

1. I am only one human. Every day (week, month) I pick the most important things and do those things. That may or may not include painting. But may also include taxes, taking photos and subsequently relearning photoshop (literally every time), website updates, meetings with clients, and exploring new opportunities. Also, I am a wife, a mom, I do freelance work, I love to cook, swim, and hike. I am part of two book clubs I refuse to quit, and insist on still seeing my friends and family. 

Here is where I drop the ball: people help me with my kids, I thaw meals from the freezer more often than I'd like to admit, my veggie garden is dead (ok, ok. The herbs are still alive, I need those.), I am constantly purging things from my house because I can't keep up with everything, I don't always read for book club, and I go to bed embarrassingly early. Also, notably, I rarely touch this blog. That may or may not change NO PROMISES.

2. Start before your ready.  Someone else gave me this advice, and it was perfect. Your work and product will never be perfect and you can't predict where it will go. Just go.

3. People are kind. Imagine you had another job for 12 years in a completely different arena and most of your colleagues didn't know you were an artist and then one day you quit your job, started to freelance, and began to show your art. My family, friends, and colleagues took it all in stride and have been, at worst, surprised, but more often so kind and supportive and the best cheerleaders. Sure, not everyone likes everything. But, guess what? Me neither.

I am so excited for what's next. Thanks for hanging with me!

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